Children under two years of age

A child’s first set of teeth is already completely formed at birth. The teeth are simply hidden under the gum line. They begin to show at the age of six months and finish coming in when the child is approximately three years old. Of course, healthy teeth start with healthy gums. That’s why parents need to pay special attention to their child’s oral hygiene from an early age.

From birth to the age of six months, you can gently rub your baby’s gums using a damp facecloth after each feeding. This will remove any sticky film (plaque), which can damage teeth. When the teeth start to emerge, clean them using a soft toothbrush. Only use a pea-size dab of toothpaste and make sure that your child spits everything out after brushing.

The first visit to the dentist should ideally take place before the child’s first birthday. Subsequent consultations should take place every six months.