Tips for Healthy gums

Everyone knows that regular brushing and flossing are essential for healthy teeth. But what about your gums?

Here are a few tips for good gum health:

  • Gently brush your gums during each brushing using a brush with soft bristles (always use a vertical stroke that goes in the direction of the tooth’s growth)
  • Carefully clean molars and premolars (because of their location at the rear of the mouth, these teeth are often neglected and are therefore more prone to plaque build-up)
  • Examine your gums once a week to check for any changes in colour or texture
  • Floss every day to dislodge food particles stuck between your teeth

If flossing isn’t an everyday habit, you may experience bleeding or tenderness when flossing. Giving up on flossing is not the solution; it will only make things worse. In fact, the bleeding is caused by the bacteria in the plaque. That’s why you must keep up your efforts and consult a dental professional if the pain or bleeding persists more than two weeks.

Regular dentist cleanings and check-ups are also essential to ensure that your teeth and gums are doing well. When untreated, gum disease can attack the bone that supports your teeth. To avoid complications or losing a tooth, prevention is the best medicine. Don’t let a small infection become a big problem.